Kink Interests

I started tying people up when I was learning rope work in the Boy Scouts. I was about 14 years old. I have been doing it ever since and, hopefully, getting better at it. It was around that same time that I also found that I could be a bad little sadist given a willing partner. At about 16 years old, I discovered hypnosis and the die was cast for a life of “evil.” I entered the public scene in Houston, Texas in 1990 when I met Robert Dante and he invited me to my first house party. During all those years since I first found rope, I have been lucky enough to have good friends, play partners, and mentors who have taught me much.

In addition to the dynamics of D/s generally, I am interested in a wide variety of activities with a special emphasis on hypnosis and bondage, especially Japanese Rope bondage, also referred to as shibari or kinbaku. Along with my long standing interest in and self-study of hypnosis, I have done both graduate and postgraduate training including training  at The Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Phoenix, Arizona. I use trance to modify behavior, enhance current experiences, and open my subjects up to new experiences.

My continuing bondage practice has been greatly enhanced through training in Japan with Yukimura Sensei and Osada Steve and with Midori in the U.S. I have taught two-day Japanese bondage intensives for SAADE, a local BDSM educational group in Austin, Texas and have also attended as a participant and served as a mentor in Austin Mentors Program assisting beginning dominants in their journey. I am committed to the philosophy of “Each one, teach one.”

In addition to bondage and hypnosis, I am experienced with and enjoy many other aspects of BDSM such as flogging, caning, fisting, fire play, hot wax, etc. If you don’t see your particular interest listed, don’t assume that I am not interested in it. I just didn’t want to make the list too long or destroy some of the mystery.

Vanilla Interests

I have a broad range of vanilla interests. I currently reside in northwest Thailand and I love to travel. Since I moved to Thailand in 2011, I have traveled to Istanbul, Europe (Spain, England, Scotland, Netherlands, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania), Malaysia, Bali, Burma (for diving), and north and south Thailand. For a LTR with me, you will need a passport.

I love SCUBA diving and am a certified dive instructor. I enjoy good food and am a decent cook. I do semi-professional digital photography.

I am professionally educated with multiple degrees. I am healthy and drug and disease free. I do not smoke and am a very light drinker. I work out at least 3 days a week.