What do I want from you? I want someone who needs to be in service or be owned in order to be complete, someone that needs real life rather than cyber or online, and someone who is looking for long term (i.e. permanant) service or ownership rather than just a play partner. Do you know in your heart that you will not be complete until you have that too?

I look for two characteristics in you. The first is intelligence, which should not be confused with education (though I do value education highly). Intelligence is a key factor if you are to fulfill your role. I should only have to tell you or show you how I like something once rather than retraining you every time. The second characteristic is a sense of self worth. If you do not value yourself and your service, what do you have to offer me?

I will consider you regardless of past experience or lack of experience. Someone new is acceptable. Inexperienced or experienced both present challenges, though they are of a different nature.

Optimally, what I am looking for is a service-oriented submissive or slave (no switches — its a long story) that loves to surrender completely to her master or owner. She would be someone that either knows the wonderful feeling of relaxation as she slips deep into trance or someone that would love to experience that feeling. I love using trance work to enhance current experiences and to open you to new experiences. Could that be you?

So, what do I mean by service-oriented? I was recently talking to a submissive friend and told her I was looking for a service-oriented submissive or slave. She asked me the following question:

I am curious please as to how you define service please. When one serves you, what is entailed please? Or rather, what are examples please? ‘Entailment’ could be an answer rather longer than is fair to ask of you.

Service, to me, is more about the internal state of the submissive/slave than with the actual activity involved. It is being fully open to fulfilling the wishes of her owner. As a simple example, if I go to a cafe and order coffee, the waitress (yes, I know not all waitstaff are female) will bring it. If I tell my submissive/slave to bring me coffee, she will also bring it. Disregarding the fact that my submissive/slave will make sure the coffee is prepared the way I prefer it, what is the difference between the two? It is primarily the internal process that occurs. The waitress is most likely doing it in expectation of some extrinsic reward such as a tip or earning her pay. She may or may not experience an internal state of feeling good because of the quality of her service. The submissive/slave does it for the intrinsic reward of knowing she has served well and has pleased her owner/master. That is not to say that the submissive/slave may not receive some extrinsic reward for good service such as play time, praise for good service, etc. It merely means that she is more focused on the intrinsic reward (the warm fuzzies as another friend describes it) rather than a desire for or expectation of something extrinsic. That focus on the intrinsic for reward, to me, is the mark of a service-oriented submissive/slave. It carries over into whatever service or activity her master/owner requires of her. That service could be anything from presenting her body for my use, washing my clothes, or merely being on “standby” waiting for my orders. To quote John Milton from his poem On His Blindness

They also serve who only stand and wait.

If she is waiting, she is content knowing that is what I desire of her at the time and she is happy knowing that she is providing the required service.
So, as you can see, my definition of service is not based on the activity (or lack of activity) involved. It all derives from the internal processes of the submissive/slave. In some ways it reminds me of the Buddhist concept of mindfulness. In its most basic form, it is being fully present in the moment regardless of what is occurring in that moment.

I should note that I am not in a rush and think that it is important to make sure the fit is right before thinking of making any long-term commitment but I am not interested in a long distance relationship except during a getting to know you phase.

I hope this profile has given you enough information to pique your interest. If so, drop me a note telling me a bit about yourself.