A longtime friend of mine described me as, “a skilled hypnotist and a safe (but totally evil) Dom and Master.” I think that describes me well.

Jack Rinella described the important qualifications of a master as:

a self-image that has confidence in its own abilities to dominate. It’s giving oneself permission to be assertive, to control, to demand. In no uncertain terms, a master has to be secure in his feelings about being selfish

and that the relationship

is a strict hierarchy of authority, enforced by whatever means the master desires.

If those qualifications and that type relationship are what you need, we have some common ground.

What is my kink? Control – mental and physical with a preference for mental because your mind can take you places where your body would not or could not go on its own. What I do – what gets me going – is to take you to very edge, dangle you over it to let you see what is there, and then bring you safely back. I want to draw out the very best in you and shape you to be the best you can be.

Having control as a primary kink allows me to find pleasure in a wide variety of activities ranging from mild to very intense. Because of that, it does not matter what kink or interest you bring with you. Over the years, I have worked to develop a variety of both mental and physical skills because, as we all know, one size does not fit all. I prefer to work like a surgeon with a scalpel rather than like a butcher with a cleaver.